Excellence in Quality and Service

About Us

Professional Sports Infra is multinational sports infra company based in Telangana specializing in the installation of indoor and outdoor sports courts. The 15 years experience in this field enables us to construct top-quality courts at a reasonable price. Our customers value our work as the courts we lay are suited for amateur and professional needs.

What We Do

As a company, PSI aims at providing customized solutions for specific needs. This means we understand your requirements in detail, discuss viable options and then come up with a solution most suitable for you. All factors, visible and hidden, are taken into consideration while offering our suggestions. Once an option is chosen by you, the PSI in-house team will design and execute the plan. Our customer-based focus will ensure that we remain with you after the project is completed, by helping you maintain it too.

Why us

Professional Sports Infra is a One-stop shop as we design, execute and maintain any court we build. We undertake project management and consultations too.

Focus on quality

Focusing on Quality enables us to hire the best people, trained in the latest technology, ensuring that the project is par excellence.

Focus on values

The physical health of a human being is important for overall wellbeing; the belief in this ensures that we strive towards the excellence of our projects.

Focus on customers

A quality product customized to personal preferences fit within a budget, this is what we deliver to our happy customers, giving us an edge over the market.

Why work with us

Choose us for our …

  • Values of excellence and consistency
  • Service and attention to the minutest detail.

  • Our USPs are:

  • Largest execution team in Telangana
  • Variety of options in customization available.
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Over 45 years of international experience enabling us to provide the best service in the industry