Infinity pool

Also known as infinity edge pools, vanishing edge pools, negative edge, zero edge, or disappearing edge, these pools are custom built to highlight a view.

Overflow pools

This is a concept giving an illusion of flowing into the horizon. There is a sense of continuity as the pool overflows into another water body making for a visual treat.

Skimmer pools

Pools generally require regular cleaning to maintain hygiene levels. A skimmer pool has a device called a Skimmer that filters the water at regular intervals. It sucks in the water, filters it, and puts it back in the pool vertically giving it a visual effect.

Cardio pool

These are pools set up in residential spaces for relaxation and physical exercises. Cardio pools are made with high-quality fiberglass and can be set up in small spaces too. These are specially meant to offer relaxation and ease away stress after a tiring day.